The CCC is a social intervention programme that provides skills training and attitudinal and behavioural development to at-risk youth across Trinidad & Tobago.

CCC Cycle 1601 Begins!

The Programme Director, Maj. C. Richardson, and her staff welcome all new trainees into the 1601 Cycle of the Civilian Conservation Corps!
We thank you all for attending the Trinidad Orientation on 9 October and the Tobago Orientation on 16 October, 2015.
We also look forward to mentoring and training you as we get our nation's youth ready for life! Remember our theme for Cycle 1601:

Don't Let Yesterday's Shadows
Spoil Tomorrow's Sunshine

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Tobago Orientation Cycle 1601

CCC on Youtube!

The Civilian Conservation Corps recently posted an informative and entertaining video about the Civilian Conservation Corps through the eyes of 1502 Cycle trainees on Youtube!

We wish to thank our Public Relations Department, particularly Mr. Kyle Jeffrey and Ms. Donnelle Smart, for the video's filming and production. We also wish all our Cycle 1502 trainees, including those featured in the video, the very best!

To see the video on Youtube, click here!
CCC Hair, Make-up and Nail Competition 2015

1502 Graduation!

Congratulations to our trainees who graduated from the Civilian Conservation Corps, Cycle 1502, on 25 September, 2015!

Let us help you embark on a rewarding career! The CCC offers Certificate Courses in
Culinary Arts, Bar-tending, Food Preparation;
Agriculture, Hairdressing, Nail Art;
Computer Literacy, Plumbing; Adult Literacy;
Register with CCC today!

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CCC Graudation Ceremony - Cycle 1502

CCC Cosmetology Institute Opens

The Civilian Conservation Corps recently opened the Calvert Springs Cosmetology Training Institute in Mausica. We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our guests, particularly:
Mr. Don Khan, Mrs. Jennifer Jaimungal, and Mr. Clem Lue Yat

Join the CCC team! Register for Hairdressing and Cosmetology, and learn:
Hair cutting, scalp massaging, shampooing, conditioning;
Waxing, facials, make-up; Manicure, pedicure, nail enhancement;
and much more!

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CCC Calvert Springs Cosmetology Training Institute Grand Opening

Grow your own food!

When you register for our Environmental Conservation and Agriculture courses, we will transform your "green thumbs" into a profitable business!

Learn to appreciate and care for our natural environment, gain valuable on-the-job training and knowledge about crops, proper planting methods, and much more! And remember,

Don't Let Yesterday's Sorrows
Spoil Tomorrow's Sunshine

CCC Trainees learn to grow their own food


North East

Henderson & Brierly Streets,
Sangre Grande
691-5463 (o), 689-5261 (c)

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North West

62-63 Fifth Street
675-7312 (o), 689-5262 (c)

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North Central

Old Teachers' Training College,
South Trunk Road, Mausica
646-5404 (o), 689-5263 (c)

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Woodford Lodge,
665-9425 (o), 689-5264 (c)

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South Central

St. Croix Community Centre
Princes Town
655-0457 (o), 689-5265 (c)

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South East

Libertville Community Centre
Paymar Trace, Libertville, Rio Claro
644-1626 (o), 689-5267 (c)

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South West

Thick Village Community Centre
Siparia Old Road, Thick Village, Siparia
649-9669 (o), 689-5273 (c)

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Mt. St. George Youth Camp
660-2445 (o), 689-5275 (c)

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Head Office

1 CCC Street, Beetham Gardens, Trinidad
625-4CCC (4222)




Print the registration form
(click here to print now)
Stop by any CCC Regional Centre for one
(see above or click here for Centre locations)
Pick one up at any TTConnect Office nationwide.
(click here to visit TTConnect)


Take your registration form to your doctor, and ask him/her to fill out and sign the medical section of your registration form.


Be sure to have a valid machine-readable passport or birth certificate, or a valid driver's license or identification card.


Purchase two (2) passport-size photos of yourself.


Write down the name of your bank and your bank account number.


Write down your National Insurance Board (NIS) number.



When you have all these items:
- the completed registration form;
- valid identification;
- bank and NIS information;
- passport photos;
You're ready to register for a CCC Cycle! Go to the CCC Centre nearest you with your registration form and additional documents to register!



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Our Affiliates

Metal Industries Company Limited, Trinidad and Tobago National Energy Skills Centre, Trinidad and Tobago Trinizuela Technical and Vocational College TT Connect, Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute

Upcoming Events


September 2015

Graduation Concert:
Friday 4.
Wednesday 23.
First day of class:
Monday 28.


October 2015

Trinidad Orientation
(Cycle 1601):
Friday 9.
Tobago Orientation (Cycle 1601):
Friday 16.
Divali Queen Competition:
To be Accounced.


December 2015

Parang Competition:
Friday 4.
Children's Christmas Party:
Sunday 13.
Staff Christmas Function:
Friday 18.


Director's message

CCC is a driven organisation, committed to transforming the chaotic lives of young people through persistent and compassionate mentoring.
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CCC alumni say

"The Civilian Conservation Corps was my ticket on the way to achieving success in my career."

Abeena Haynes-Oliver
TT Special Reserve Police

"The Civilian Conservation Corps influenced me by bringing my self-esteem from 0 to 100."

Karen Toby-Ducuru
Computer Operator, Ministry of Public Administration

"The Civilian Conservation Corps is the future of the youth...I acquired my skills at CCC, now I'm able to positively ifluence and guide young people."

Ian Howe
Owner, Back To Reality Barber Saloon, Chaguanas

Scholarship Winners

Congrats to the following trainees who won scholarships from Trinizuela Technical and Vocational College:


Refrigeration/Air Conditioning:
Shivan Adjuder
Anderson Cory John


Danny Jaggernauth


Electrical Installation:
Kyle Patron,
Amarnath Ramlal


Petra Da Costa,
Karishma Arjoon


Information Technology:
Joshua Tannis


Food Preparation/Culinary Arts:
Judy Marcano



congrats CCC grads Junette Bishop and Je Zen Levia!

Former CCC trainees Ms. Junette Bishop (Cycle 1102, Tobago region) and Je Zen Levia (Cycle 1002, North West region) trained in Culinary Arts at the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI) and, upon graduating from their CCC Cycles, continued their studies at the TTHTI.

At the recent TTHTI graduation ceremony, Ms. Bishop and Ms. Levia earned their Associate Degrees in Tourism Management. In addition, Ms. Bishop was the recipient of the Canoe Bay Award, the Crown Point Beach Hotel Award and the Angostura Award for Most Resilient Student. Ms. Levia was the recipient of the Award for the Most Outstanding Overall Student!



Geriatric Nursing Graduates CVQ Certified!

In the 1302 Cycle, twelve (12) CCC graduates were awarded full Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ) certificates from the National Training Academy (NTA) for Health Care Assistant, Level II (Patient Care Programme). These graduates can now gain employment throughout the entire English-speaking Caribbean!

Six (6) CCC graduates were awarded certificates in 5 units of the Geriatric Nursing course.

Congratulations to our recent graduates!
Thank you, Ms. Molly Wheeler, CCC Geriatric Nursing Tutor!
We salute you for your hard work!